Hill Road Wood – “If you were the tallest tree”

featuring the song ‘If You Were’

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If You Were (Lyrics)

If you were the tallest tree and I a gentle vine,
I’d climb your highest bough, grown with patience and time,
And drink with you the sun and rain, and wonder at the view,
Hold your trembling arms when the wind unsettles you.

If you were a bed of moss, I’d lay me down to sleep.
Enraptured by the gentle touch your soft green blanket seems to keep.
The earth will sigh her invitation, ‘stay here for a while’.
I will dream of silk, and I will wear a smile.

If you were the moon and stars, I would bathe in your light,
That nestles in the ancient glow and heralds every night.
Your wisdom leads me where I should, the universe my guide,
To find forever time, a million light years wide.

If you were a tiny bird, and I the air you fly,
I’d hold you safe and ease your flight, and offer you the endless sky.
Together we can soar the earth and see what life may bring.
I will spread your song and be the air beneath your wing.

‘Hill Road Wood’  TTP0107
Words, Music and Photo by Sophie Bancroft
Photo Location: Pathhead, Scotland
©2014  32 Publishing
T: 07444 901198  E: info@designby32.com

Card dimensions – full card is 210 x 148mm, A5, image size is 150 x 100mm, 100% recycled paper, including a white envelope.