Midlothian Sunset – “Release your wings and colour the clouds”

featuring the song ‘Butterfly’

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Butterfly (Lyrics)

Be free in the endless sky.
Release your wings and colour the clouds.
Fly my butterfly.

Shine, my butterfly.
Shine your light to dance within my eyes.
The brightest flame will burn the shortest time.
Shine my butterfly.

Sometimes, come visit me,
Sometimes, tell me your story,
Sometimes, land upon my shoulder
Release tears that fall on your wings.

Free my butterfly.
Breathe your tears into the clouds up high.
Watch them fall as warm and soothing rain,
Goodbye my butterfly.

‘Midlothian Sunset’  TTP0101
Words, Music and Photo by Sophie Bancroft
Photo Location: Midlothian, Scotland
©2014  32 Publishing
T: 07444 901198  E: info@designby32.com

Card dimensions – full card is 210 x 148mm, A5, image size is 150 x 100mm, 100% recycled paper, including a white envelope.