Longniddry Bents – “When the wind leaves my sail you send an oar”

featuring the song ‘Home’

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Home (Lyrics)

I was raised from the ground by your loving hand
With a spirit of old and your heart in the land.
I breathe the sea with its wild caress
And I know that I am home.

I drink from the burn on your mountain steep.
On the purple-laced hills I take my sleep.
I feast my eyes where the eagles soar
And I know that I am home.

And there’s gold in them there hills.
Black diamonds line the seam.
And there’s always summer high above the clouds,
Where the snow may melt your dreams.

If I’m lost, I am found when I reach your shore.
When the wind leaves my sail, you send an oar.
Your forests green will shelter me
And I know that I am home.

When I cover my ears I still hear your song.
With eyes wide shut I see where I belong,
In this mountain-land, where the deer run free
And I know that I am home.

‘Longniddry Bents’  TTP0104
Words, Music and Photo by Sophie Bancroft
Photo Location: East Lothian, Scotland
©2014 32 Publishing
T: 07444 901198 E: info@designby32.com

Card dimensions – full card is 210 x 148mm, A5, image size is 150 x 100mm, 100% recycled paper, including a white envelope.