Pencaitland Crows – “I am a bird of paradise”

featuring the song ‘Bird of Paradise’

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Bird of Paradise (Lyrics)

I am a housewife, I talk to my kitchen wall.
I am a bedbound man afraid that I might fall.
Earn a decent salary but I work in a dead end job.
I’m what I can be but I keep my blinkers on.

I am a coal miner searching for black diamonds.
I am a pearl diver finding the oyster gems.
I am a bus driver, magical mystery tour.
I am a bird of paradise.

I’m a commuter caught in a daily rush.
I’m a beautiful woman stroked by an airbrush.
I’m a single parent, a living statistic.
I am a crumbling wall as strong as my weakest brick.

I am an explorer trekking the snow and ice.
I am a window cleaner cleaning the people’s eyes.
I’m an alien spaceship, a curiosity.
I am a bird of paradise.

I am a long lost son defined by a sense of greed.
I’m a teenager fighting to be free.
I’m an old woman in everybody’s eyes
In my escape route I’m a bird of paradise.

‘Pencaitland Crows’  TTP0109
Words, Music and Photo by Sophie Bancroft
Photo Location: East Lothian, Scotland
©2014  32 Publishing
T: 07444 901198  E:

Card dimensions – full card is 210 x 148mm, A5, image size is 150 x 100mm, 100% recycled paper, including a white envelope.